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Challengy type... thing!

*cross-posted in b4zookajules for this post, to rally up people to do it :P*

I said I'd start this a little while back, but I totally forgot about it. But I've remembered now, so here we go! :D

The challenge is to take the subject I've set, and write up to 500 words about it. The minimum word count is 100, maximum 500 - just enough to keep you writing at least a little bit every day. Although I've got no idea so far, I think we should just have one of these posted every day, and all participants just reply to the post with their entries. It doesn't matter if it's utter tripe - it's just the importance of writing something every day to keep your muse flowing smoothly.

Okay? :D

This will all be posted from now on in nanobeans, so if you want to participate, make sure you're a member :) Or if it's closed membership (which I think it might be), gimmie a shout on here and I'll add you on. :) So, today's word is...

"I love you, Grace... I should have told you every minute since I met you..."

"Pass us a tissue will you, Chris?" Justine whimpered, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, leaving a black smudge on her cuff.

"Wimp," Chris giggled, chucking a tissue over to her best friend, and tucking in happily to the box of chocolates balanced in her lap.

"How can you not be crying at this? Look at her face!" Justine jabbed her finger towards the television screen, where screenlovers John and Grace were kissing passionately.

Chris shrugged. "Because I've been expecting it to happen for the past two hours?"

"Spoilsport," Justine snorted, wiping her nose and reaching across to Chris' lap to the chocolates.



"Hands off the choccies!" Chris glared, swiping the box away from Justine's reach and balancing them on the arm of the sofa beside her.

"Why? Greedy guts!"

"Because you are meant to be on a diet!"

Justine faltered, falling onto the sofa with a soft 'flump!'. "But... one teeny chocolate won't do anything, will it?"

"One teeny chocolate will turn into two teeny chocolates, then by the time you've finished you'll have eaten the whole box!" Chris glared, moving her arm protectively over the box beside her.

"But you've already eaten most of them!" Justine wailed. "If I do get carried away - which I won't! - then it won't be so bad anyway!"

"Think of your little black dress," Chris said, glaring at her friend. "How're you going to fit in that if you go on another chocolate binge?"

"Just ONE!"

"Just NO!"

Justine pouted. "Please?"


Justine flumped back into the sofa, nuzzling into a cushion and glaring at the television screen, where John and Grace were now steaming down a highway, John mysteriously turning the steering wheel this way and that, even though the road was straight. Chris grinned, picking a chocolate from the box, and turning seductively to her friend, plopping it into her mouth.

"I didn't want one anyway," Justine muttered.

Okay, that's utter tripe, but it doesn't matter! And although it started off with the intention of being about conscience, it swayed right off the subject and onto a totally different one. But I care not; the point is, it got 300 words out of me. WOOHOO! *waves flag*

So, c'mon guys, your turn :P I'm not doing this alone!

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