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Official Unsanity Head Quarters For The NaNo Beans

"I'm a NaNo Bean... Are YOU?"

The NaNoWriMo Beans
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Welcome to our humble ship, built from sea turtles and the hair off our backs. Here our crew finds support and inspiration in each other before NaNoWriMo and during the torturo- we mean, fun event. Our mission is not the finding of treasure nor power and glory, but the unsane goal of writing 50,000 words each in one month.

If you're looking for Captain Jack Sparrow, we have... er... borrowed him. For moral support. Yes. Ahem. We'll give him back in Decem- no, wait. We need to keep him, 'cause we start editing then and we need him.

This is a private community for a group of close friends. We know we're being shamelessly elitist in restricting membership, but we'd like to take part in this challenge with people we know. Thank you. If you want to join another NaNoWriMo community, however, we suggest you go to their official one - nanowrimo. :)

Community co-maintained by b4zookajules and _kaleidoscopic_.