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Okay, absoloutely forgot about this thing. :P

As suggested by bluespoon...


"Woah. When was the last time you had this room decorated?" Peter asked, wrinkling his nose as he entered the back office of Susan's house.

"I don't know - not since I've lived here," Susan replied, waving her arms in front of her face, disturbing all the dust around her. "I've never got around to doing anything with it."

"That," Peter said with a look of disgust, "is obvious."

Susan bravely stepped forwards into the room, shoving some boxes out of the way as she went. "Where the hell is the lightswitch?" she cursed, coughing into the dust.

"I'd guess on the wall, rather than in the middle of the room," Peter said blankly. He did not want to be doing this.

"Well go and look for it then, will you?" Susan yelled, turning around and glaring at him through the darkness. She continued trying to make a path through the boxes.

Peter sighed, rubbing his hands all over the wall beside him in an effort to find the switch. He yelled out a few seconds later, as his hand was plunged into some gunk stuck to the side of the wall.

"Right, that's it, I'm out of here," he growled, wiping his hand on a box in front of him and making for the exit.

"Peter!" Susan said angrily, pulling her head out of a box she was rifling through and stamping her foot loudly. "Are you trying to help me find this bloody lampshade or not?"

"Not," Peter replied, guessing where to put his feet as he fought his way out of the room.

"Watch out for that-"

Too late, as Peter stumbled into a huge empty box laying on the floor, launching himself across the floor into a crumpled heap by the door.

"S'what you get for trying to bail out on me," Susan said smugly. "Now get searching!"

... that is absoloute ubercrap, and I have no idea why they want the lampshade so much, but hey. :P Deal with it.


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