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A theme that's quite relavent...


Lizzie Teaspoon flung open the door, throwing herself into the boardroom and slamming her briefcase onto the table.

"Sorry for the delay," she smiled sweetly at the penguins sitting around the table, throwing her hair over her shoulder and walking calmly over to the white board across the room.

"Ahem, Miss Teaspoon," the head of the penguins - Lizzie's prospective boss, Stephen Murphy - coughed, tapping his pen against the table. "This meeting was supposed to start well over half an hour ago. I presume you have a reasonable excuse for your lateness?"

"No, not really sir, not quite," Lizzie smiled again, flustered, as she rifled through her bag for a red pen. "It was just... lateness, you know."

Mr Murphy sighed, dropping his pen to the table and looking at his colleagues with disapproval. "I am sorry," he whispered, just loud enough for Lizzie to hear. She felt her cheeks glow red.

"Now, gentlemen, I am sorry for the delay," she said, smoothing down her skirt and turning to face them all with a perfect smile. "I do believe I was asked you give you all a presentation. If there are no problems, I can start?"

The board room was silent. Lizzie swallowed.

"Right. Good," she smiled nervously, taking the top off her marker and drawing an apple on the whiteboard behind her. "Okay, so... we'll start off with a bit of... participation," she smiled again. Her cheeks were really beginning to feel quite sore. "What is this?"

The penguins looked at each other with dismay. Lizzie swallowed again. "Come on gentlemen, don't be shy!"

Wasn't it amazing how loud silence could be?

"Okay, so no participation," she smiled again. Ow. "This is an apple of success. An apple of success isn't any old apple - it's... well, it's a successful apple! One who has managed to grow nice and big on the tree, and be caught before it falls to the ground and is eaten by worms. One that manages to pass the inspections and ends up on the shelves of Sainsbury's, being sold for 30p a go."

Lizzie felt her cheeks burn again; this wasn't working quite as well as she had hoped. "Well, I hope to bring to this company something like the basket that this apple was caught in. I hope to be the strength behind the company, ensuring that the products you produce are of a good quality right from the start." She forced out a business-like smile, but to no avail. Those blasted penguins were still looking at her with glazed eyes, as though she were talking complete rubbish. Which she supposed she was, thinking about it.

.... 444 words before I got totally stuck with what to do next. XD

I'm getting bored even with my own drabble. :P It was random (apple of success? Lizzie Teaspoon?! O_o), but it got the words out, heheheh.


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