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*chases a tumbleweed*

It's been yonks since this has been posted in, so I thought I'd bring it to life ^^

I was talking about NaNo earlier on, and decided that I really need to get seriously back into writing again. I looked back at my novel the other day, and although most of it is endless descriptions of things to up my word count, I really did like how my writing style was going. But because I've hardly written a thing since the end of November, my ability has gone straight down the plughole again.

So, I've made a decision! I want to get into writing 500 words a day, so that hopefully my writing'll improve again, and it'll stay that way. But I think that the only way to really do this is through a community. And yes, I know that there's communities made especially for that around, but why not do it here? It's not doing anything until this November, and I'd much rather do something like this with people that I know =)

So, anyone interested in doing it with me?? I'd really rather not do it alone!

-Jules. xxx

Edited to add: While I'm here, I've noticed there's a few people watching the community who aren't members. I'm not totally sure how it all works, but if you want to be a member, just comment here and I'll add you right away =)
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