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NaNo Meme.

Ah, you knew one of us would find out eventually...

(It started here, and the done thing seems to be to post a link to your answers.)


NaNo ID: Kaleidoscopic
NaNo since: 1st October, 2003.

Working title: "So Nurrender""
WIP Genre: Erm... spoof? Political satire? I'm not sure what you call that sort of thing.
Projected word count: Hopefully 50,000 in the first draft, then I can expand slightly when editing in January.

Have an Outline? Do I hell! I have a vague idea of what might happen, but mneh. Sash can do what she likes, I'm just there to point, laugh and transcribe.
Scene-by-scene? Excuse me while I snickerwheeze.
Know how it starts? Uh huh. I'm not typing the first line, though. I'll get this urge to continue.
Know how it ends? Of course not. Everyone could suffer death by Macarena at the last page for all I know.
Have your climax in order? WHAT? ... Oh. Yep. Aerial battle with cardboard tubes and spoons, it'll be.
Know your main characters yet? I know Sash and His Holinessnessness pretty well, aye.
Have a particular tone in mind? My tone as narrator can be summed up in three words: 'point, laugh, mock'.
Plan to Draw on your own experiences? Absolutely not. I know jack shit about Ulster, sectarianism and the Orange Order. *eyeroll*

Funny? I think it's funny, but I have the daftest sense of humour.
Serious? I'm making a serious point by writing the thing, but I don't think that'll shine through much.
Sad? Sad as in woe-is-me sad or sad as in pathetic? If the latter, then yes. Former - hell, no. I need something I can snicker over while writing.
Semi-Autobiographical? Sort of.
Based on another story? Not consciously, no, though I'll probably end up plagarising every spoof I've ever read or seen.
Influenced by any authors/current publications? Again, probably, but not on purpose..

A paper journal? Heh. Far too much. I had to make a 'Journal' section in my NaNo file to house all my ravings, musing, whathaveye.
Pens? The ONE Pen. A dark blue Parker fountain pen. Mrowr. My Preciousss. Anything else makes me handwriting resemble the staggerings of a drunk spider.
Multicoloured pens? Ugh, no. Why the hell would anyone write in pale pink/blue/green/whatever? It's so tacky-looking, and a damned nightmare to read.
A computer? Naw, this be a cardboard box I be typing this on.
Index cards? Wha...?
Lists? Too many. How convenient that Sash is also a list maniac (right, so she's just a plain auld maniac, but anyway).
Bulleted lists? I don't have the patience to make dots when listifying. Just hyphens in the margin do.
Plot Charts? Does a list entitled "Things to do if I find out I'm screwed?" count?
Character Charts? I've done a couple of character memes, but that's all. Why? Do they give me divine help or something?
Character formulas? This is the NaNo Division, not the Time Division.
Favorite writing resource: Stephen King's 'On Writing'. Ever since I bought it, it's practically become my bible.

A line you would like to use: "We're gonna do what Portadowners do best. WE'RE GONNA FRICKIN' RIOT, LOVEY!"
A scene you would like to include: I want Sash to call someone 'IRA scum' and have them beat the crap out of her. For personal reasons this would be extremely satisfying. Yes, I'm a vindictive bitch. It's fun.
A concept you would like to explore: The motivations behind sectarianism.
A cliche you would like to avoid: A deus ex machina ending. I do want a nice twisty conclusion, but nothing random. It has to drag together somehow.
A character you would like to use: twistedscar is so getting a cameo. Just watch me.

Do you expect to be able to complete it? As long as schoolwork doesn't strangle me halfway through November, yes.
Do you intend to complete it? What's the point of dropping it when I'm not done?
Would you ever try to publish it? Hee. I'd probably be arrested.
What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? Amusement. That's about it.
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