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Yoinked from Jyri

So, what's your OC's name, to begin with?
Jude Holland

What's their his starsign?
Good question.

What Hogwarts House were they/are they/would they be would he be in?

Hershey's Special Dark for hair, and olive green for eyes. (Yeah yeah, I'm hungry.) He dresses casual-professional, usually in khakis and a collar shirt, skinny tie, brown leather jacket.

BEDP test - Boggart, Erised, Dementor and Patronus.
Boggart: Any given NI paramilitary, decked out in scruffy clothes and a hood, and toting an automatic rifle.
Erised: Himself with a secure and well-paid job with the BBC or one of the big circulation newspapers... and a nice handsome life partner.
Dementor: The scene immediately after a bombing.
Patronus: Assuming this even applied -- some sort of legitimate authority figure in a uniform, I'm sure. The cops. The army. Something like that.

Favourite Hogwarts school subject?
n/a. But he'd enjoy Muggle Studies for the alternate perspective.

Favourite Muggle school subject?
English and literature.

Are they Is he right- or left-handed?
Right. I'd have too many infractions with the mental image were he a lefty.

Their His preferred Muggle music?

Who do they does he love most?
He loves his mother and sister very much, not as tight with his father, but still it's a healthy family. On the romantic front, that depends at what point you ask him. For the purposes of NaNo, a fake RUC man.

They're He is left in an empty room for three hours. They He can magically get anything they he want wants -- except people. When you come back to them him, what are they is he doing?
I'd know the answer to this one were it not for the 'no people' rule. He might be reading or eating something pricey and exotic.

Would they he make a good teacher? Why or why not?
Sure, he'd be a fine teacher. Not of small children, however, just of university students who don't take discipline.

If they he had to fight, what weapon would they he choose? Why?
A gun, because it ends the fight quickly and from a distance. But nothing complicated or very big, because he wouldn't know how to handle it or expect the kickback. Simple single-action revolver would be best.

What (if any) jewelry do they does he wear?
Just the wristwatch. Not for looks, but because he couldn't function without knowing the time. Possibly a medical alert tag.

Would they he keep an LJ if they he had access to a computer? Why or why not?
Probably. Maybe. It'd help him sort out his thoughts without formally keeping a diary.

If they he could change one thing about themselves himself, what would it be?
His pancreas. No really. He's diabetic, it's 1981, and though it's very routine by now, he still considers his insulin regimen a pain in the ass.

They walk He walks into a crowded room, and everyone looks up at them him. What do they does he do?
Stop walking. Look around bewildered, and then try to go about his business while avoiding people's eyes.

What kind of sense of humour do they does he have?
The witty kind. Nothing too coarse, crude, or slapstick.

Do they Does he swear a lot?
He's not a puritan, but cusses aren't much of his daily vocabulary. They're reserved for when he hurts himself, screws something up, or gets upset. 'Shit' is the general swear, not 'fuck.'

Have they Has he ever broken a bone? If yes, then why and when?
No. Rolled an ankle maybe, but never broken anything. He's not much for sports, never physically daring, and stays out of fights.

And finally: if they he had an LJ, what would their his username be?
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